Download your free Git for hardware guide

Read the 80+ page guide to learn how Electrical Engineers, PCB Designers, and Hardware Engineers use Git revision control for their electronics design process. 


This guide will help you with:

  • Git crash course

       Get up to speed quickly with git
  • Git for hardware
    • The pros and cons of using a modern revision control system
  • Revision control concepts
    • Understand the basics of decentralized, asynchronous revision and reviews
  • Commit best practices
    • How to break your designs into digestible chunks
  • Pushing & branching
    • How teams multitask on the same design files
  • Design review basics
    • Leaving the 4-hour, in-person, PDF-driven review meeting behind
  • Generated files best practices
    • How to track and distribute Gerbers, BOMs, and Fabrication files
  • Assemblies best practices
    • How to organize sub-components into an assembly
  • Issues & milestones
    • Lightweight project management
  • List of git platforms
    • Flexible git clients for your needs