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Thanks for your interest. We are excited to walk you through the platform and answer your questions!

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During this call, we'll cover:

  • Background & requirements
  • AllSpice platform overview
  • Git revision control
  • Design reviews
  • PCB, schematic, and BOM visual diffs
  • Review templates and checklists
  • Issues management
  • Releases
  • Q&A


What are some of the favorite things engineers like to talk with us about in these meetings?

  • How to generate PCB, schematic, and BOM redlines that automatically highlight your design changes. Like a software diff, but for circuits instead of code.
  • Turning those three-hour-long, in-person meetings into digital, asynchronous, and self-documenting design reviews.
  • Creating your first repo with you (or migrate an existing one) in under 10 minutes.

We’re open-minded and fellow engineers ourselves. Let’s use the time together to talk about what you will find most valuable and interesting.